Linux gaming, part three: strategy games (continued)

June 21st, 2007 | Games, Linux by th

As many readers pointed out, there are many cool strategy games available for Linux that weren’t mentioned in the part two. These games are simply too good to be missed, so here’s take two for the strategy games.

Bos Wars

Bos Wars is an open source real-time strategy game that runs not only on Linux, but on Microsoft Windows and BSD operating systems too. According to the Wikipedia, the game was the first original game based on the Stratagus strategy game engine. The Stratagus project is now halted and the developers concetrate on the Bos Wars. The gameplay resembles heavily Warcraft 2, which isn’t a bad thing - If you ever liked Warcraft 2 and Starcraft, you’ll likely enjoy Bos Wars too. The game feels very stable and playable, and can be great fun especially when playing against human opponents (the game supports LAN and Internet play).


Screenshot of Boswars

Dominions 3: The Awakening

A commercial turn-based strategy game, available for Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows (Gamespot: 8.2/10). Unlike usual strategy games, in Dominions 3 players don’t directly control the units, but rather plan the battles. The game is deeply detailed, and includes over 1500 units, 600 spells and over 300 magic items. People who love to play single-player strategies alone can be disappointed the by the fact that Dominions doesn’t have a single player campaign, but scenarios and randomized play. The focus is mainly on the multi-player side. However, for the players who are willing to invest in it, the game offers rich and complex strategy gaming experience. Bunch of screenshots available at Gamespot.

dominions1.jpg dominions2.jpg

Screenshots of Dominion 3


FreeOrion is an open-source platform-independent galactic conquest game in the tradition of the Master of Orion games. Ambitious project indeed, but even when the project is only at version 0.3, the game looks very promising. Tha game runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, but the project ships pre-built binaries only for the latter. For Linux, they provide instructions how to compile it. The compiling for Linux is a minor inconvenience, but the project is still in early stages of development. If you liked the Master Of Orion games, this is the project to keep eye on.

orion1.jpg orion2.jpg



Another open source clone of a classic strategy game. The original Colonization was released in 1994 and it was heavily based on another, nowadays a very legendary game, Civilization. The game is written in Java, and runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. The game is currently in version 0.6, and the developers aim to have almost an exact clone of Colonization done by version 1.0. Available as free download at FreeCol homepage.




An interesting online game which combines strategy and first person shooter as a one game. The producers of the game define it as a ‘Real Time Strategy Shooter’. The game includes two different gaming modes, one that looks like a typical strategy game and first person view. Savage was a commercial game but can now be downloaded for free, which makes it very hard to miss. The game boosts great graphics and smooth gameplay, and since it’s now free, it’s definitely a game Linux gamers shouldn’t miss!

Sequal to the Savage is also in the works, Savage 2: A Tortured Soul. Linux client for Savage 2 was accounced in early 2006, but the Savage 2 homepage lists only Windows operating system as requirement and fails to mention Linux at all. However, the Savage 2 FAQ states that the Savage 2 Linux client will be available at the launch.

savage1.jpg savage2.jpg

Screenshots of Savage


Spring is an impressive open source strategy game project with a goal to use resource files from the classic Total Annihilation- real-time strategy game. Some modifications for Spring require the original game files from Total Annihilation, but fortunately there are free modifications available which make the playing without the original TA-content files possible.

Some of the modifications look highly innovative and fun. One worth mentioning is the Kernel Panic- modification which uses graphical style comparable to Tron. The only resources are time and space, there is no metal or energy economy in KP and all units are free.

kernel1.jpg kernel2.jpg

Screenshots of Kernel Panic, a modification for Spring.

spring1.jpg spring2.jpg

spring3.jpg spring4.jpg

Screenshots of Spring


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  2. Mike Harden |

    What about VegaStrike?

    Not to mention the addicting fan favorite Frozen Bubble (2.0 has an interesting multiplayer mode).

  3. th |

    VegaStrike and Frozen Bubble will be covered later on in the future articles (Arcade, mmorpg, action..). We’ll see :)

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  5. AW |

    The next strategy part should mention DefCon. It’s a fun nuclear war strategy game and has a Linux version available.

  6. Sune |

    I don’t see Tribal Trouble in your list. It is available for Linux here:

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  8. shewdiz |

    hey thanks , I am gonna link to your blog

    btw , do we have something like Age of Empires (where nations fight each other?) I want something which it has, Medes, Persians and Arabs…

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  10. dqs |

    Nice lists. Another nice strategy game for Linux is Lux. It’s a great version of RISK.

  11. XOR |

    What about Warzone2100 proyect? found in Nice game.

  12. Jhon |


  13. arrr |

    i know that the game is not finished yet, and that there is a lot of work to make it done, but it’s still the best-looking multiplatform game i’ve ever seen ;] i’m talking about 0 A.D by Wildfire Games

    check out the video
    or the official site

  14. Zebulon |

    I love Colonization, it’s the best ;) But i’m agree with Mike, Frozen Bubble have to be mention.

  15. Paulo Matos |

    What a great blog… you still have few posts but you’re definitely on your way up if you keep talking about games. I’ll definitely record your feed to keep up with your writings… don’t let your readers down now! :)

  16. Nathan |

    One also shouldn’t forget Battle for Wesnoth. Although its style is pretty Super-Nintendo-ish it’s a lot of fun. Battle for Wesnoth is the game that Final Fantasy Tactics would have been if FFT hadn’t sucked.

  17. Anonymous |

    Great articles! :)

  18. th |

    Thanks all for the comments :)
    Battle of Wesnoth and Warzone 2100 were mentioned in the part two. Please read the earlier parts too.

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  20. Straxus |

    Still no mention of Darwinia?

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  23. Adam23 |

    What about Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe?!

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  25. jborsits |

    You never even mentioned VegaStrike or the Wing Commander Privater remakes (done using the VegaStrike engine).

  26. Iggi |

    “btw , do we have something like Age of Empires (where nations fight each other?) I want something which it has, Medes, Persians and Arabs…”

    You could try Theocracy by Ubisoft / Philos, though it’s very difficult to get it running correctly on new distributions.

  27. ibrahim |

    Good work man
    Viva OpenSource

  28. VisiGoth |

    Where is the: Savage 2 Free Offline?

    I see no sign of it.

    I’d like to be able to see this working first before I purchase the online version.

    It looks like a great game but I’ll be waiting to see if there really is an open GL version for Linux.

  29. th |


    Savage 2 is not released yet (in beta phase?), but Linux client will come for final release. At least FAQ says so.

    However, Savage 1 is free now (full version), it’s definitely worth checking out!

  30. matt |

    Don’t forget Marathon: Aleph One (

    Bungie released the Marathon engine source under the GPL and has subsequently allowed for the non-commercial distribution of the trilogy data files (as always, be sure check their site for the exact terms).

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  34. Pyramids of Egypt |

    I hope more developers make games for Linux :)

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