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Here you can find some stuff related to the game Prehistorik 2 by Titus Software. At the moment this "stuff" includes the following:

A trainer I made, giving you unlimited health and lives; old versions are here.

A cheat.

The game's music, in playable format.

All the sprites.

Maps of all the levels.

If you're a fan of Moktar/Titus the Fox, be sure to visit http://ttf.mine.nu!

- Jesses
Contact: smacdrek at hotmail dot com


Mon Jul 17 00:17:20 2006

A zip containing the game's sprites is now downloadable; the level maps in an undarkened state can now also be found, near the map pictures. Finally, the cheat description has been clarified somewhat.
Wed Jul 5 03:22:09 2006

Version 1.0.1 of the trainer is out: godmode on bosses now actually works.
Mon Jul 3 15:16:38 2006

Alright, since you folks are so eager to have the level codes I added a little cheat on this page. I might also build a code viewer in the trainer, but not today.
Wed Jun 21 15:09:22 2006

Added a guest book.
Thu Jun 15 20:59:08 2006

The level maps contain most of the sprites now; to properly see all sprites, I've darkened the tile background.
Fri Mar 3 23:18:29 2006

Added gates to the level maps!
Wed Mar 1 23:08:26 2006

New: everything...
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Added by mirex on Mon Nov 26 19:45:18 2007

Hi I love Prehistorik 2 and Titus the fox. They are one of best games ever. They have great gameplay and gfx.
Thanks for the webpage !
Added by tygr.karlos on Sun Nov 25 15:30:28 2007

Excellent site man. I love this game since childhood. Especially thanks for the level maps, thatīs something Iīve been always looking for ;)
Added by skalda on Sun Nov 18 04:57:41 2007

if someone's interested in how to reach bonus in level 4, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4IQ26Y2Zhs

and for the snow level... before wind starts to blow, get most up-right, then you should be able to descend through "stairs" completely down and then, the semaphore is in the wind direction...
Added by water on Sun Nov 11 14:30:51 2007

Based on the map, the exit is somewhere above but the caveman dies when I try to fall somewhere above the exit...I tried exiting through the "for women" exit. However, after arriving at the exit of the latter level (snow level # 2), the screen freezes the mpment the caveman arrives at the rightmost part of the screen.
Added by water on Sun Nov 11 14:21:56 2007

How does one pass the snow level? Thanks
Added by Jon on Wed Nov 7 05:04:59 2007

Hey, where can i download the game?
used to play it when i was kid, wanna play it again.. where can i get de pre2 exe?
Added by anonymous on Sun Oct 21 20:40:23 2007

I have a problem - after finishing level 7 my game continues with level G which I am not able to complete. Please help.
Added by dotarull on Mon Oct 15 04:37:39 2007

[*map/map_all_coml10.txt%7C%7C10%7C%7Cr%7C%7C1%7C%7C @]
Added by dotarull on Sun Oct 14 21:25:53 2007

[*map/map_all_coml11.txt%7C%7C10%7C%7Cr%7C%7C1%7C%7C @]
Added by mqhjdz yncujpexg on Thu Oct 4 15:45:58 2007

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Added by Alexvga on Wed Oct 3 06:01:42 2007

If you want do delete your site from our spam bases - just email us with domain of your site:


thank you!
Added by grawity on Tue Oct 2 17:53:28 2007

Dori: e-mail me to: grawity [at] gmail [dot] com
Added by Dori on Mon Oct 1 11:12:39 2007

thanks for the advice, but, i don't know how to use DOSBOX...
could you help me finding another software or, explain me how to use it?...

thanks anyway,
Added by grawity on Sun Sep 30 14:39:56 2007

F1 = die
F2 = die game over
F3 = mute/unmute sounds
Added by grawity on Sun Sep 30 14:34:38 2007

btw, the centered text isn't easy to read.

Dori: try Ctrl Shift F5 (Ctrl Alt F5?) in DOSbox
Added by grawity on Sun Sep 30 14:31:35 2007

awesome site, how did you make the level maps?
do you know how to view/unpack the .sqz files?

for level code posters: please post your OS (DOS/Windows/DOSbox) and version, since Pre2 uses different codes for every system type.
Added by Dori on Sun Sep 30 10:27:39 2007

hi there,
I'm trying to find a software that could help me film me while i'm playing in prehistorik 2.

if anyone knows one, i will be glad to talk to him...

thanks anyway,
Added by Dori on Thu Sep 27 11:47:09 2007

Hi everybody!
I have a question about level 7 (the snow) in prehistorik 2 and the quistion is: How can I get to the not "for women" light???

help me please :D!!!

Added by WxxxW on Fri Sep 21 14:57:10 2007

2 Outer & all

Oh ! That f***ing (flying I mean %)
glide at 4 level !!!
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL1qXH1Re5A
Have Fun !!
Added by hiutopor on Fri Sep 21 01:11:30 2007

Hi all!

Very interesting information! Thanks!

Added by Your name on Tue Sep 11 17:10:22 2007

There are big scores at the bottom of the level, below the spikes... I've used the 500 point jumping dino to reach them. It will cost many lifes, but as far as I know it's the only way to get all of them.
Added by Outer on Tue Sep 11 12:27:34 2007

Does anyone know how to handle the glide? And how to get all the goodies at level 4?
Added by a.g.b on Sat Sep 1 14:26:14 2007

woooow! the prehistorik2 is the best game ever and after. most attractive than f***ing complicated 3d, high detailed, ultra high graphix games!!!
Added by Your name on Thu Aug 30 15:07:05 2007

Your message
Added by Your name on Thu Aug 30 15:07:01 2007

Your message
Added by Gee on Thu Aug 30 10:51:33 2007

DYou have to do the bonus levels too, to reach 100% at each level?
Added by Gee on Wed Aug 29 17:10:59 2007

Oh and one more thing. I've read some comments here, and I think creating a level editor for Pre 2 would be an awesome idea, if it's possible somehow...
Added by Gee on Wed Aug 29 17:08:35 2007

Hello everyone! This is an awesome site, I've been playing Pre 2 since I was a kid. although, I need a little help... On the map of level 5 (tree houses9, I've recognized there are big food stuff at the very top of the level. I've tried to reach them with the glider, but to no avail. does anyone know how to get them? The other thing: I cannot pass the second icy level, just with max of 78%. I've discovered the two secret gateway to some extra points, but stil. If anyone could give me some advice how can I reach the expert mode and play the fortress level, by answering these questions, please send me an e mail. my adress is ikarus280@citromail.hu
Thank you very much!
Added by rom guttman on Wed Aug 29 11:48:35 2007

I *~LOOOOOOVE~* this game!!!
Prehistorik is the best game ever!!

but every time i finish the underground stage it tells me that i am not an expert :( even that I got there with out a code.

what sould I do in order to get the next (and last) level??
Added by fifi on Tue Aug 28 14:52:55 2007

after trying over and over again i found out that the "wall" right next to those is breakable if hit!But you loose if u fell in the pit. i tried jumping on little dino's head while hitting tew wall but either i kill the dino after a couple of hits or i fail jumping on it! gggrrr.i even tried " trapping more dino's but the most i can get are three not enough.plus the moving block above give me more trouble! any idea?
Added by laser21 on Mon Aug 27 14:58:50 2007

I also have no idea how to get those...maybe with the glide? But I dont see someone, that could actually do that.
Added by ice on Sat Aug 25 08:57:44 2007

In level 4, how do I get to eat the food and get the 1 ups and gems in the are near and below the starting point?
Added by ice on Fri Aug 24 15:04:50 2007

How can I access the bonus levels? I know that the "entrance" of one of these can be found in level 2 but how about the rest (3 others, I suppose)? Thanks!
Added by rhabdomyolysis on Thu Aug 16 22:16:56 2007

Qw2OXA nice site. Very Thanks! ,
Added by Vilyamjq on Tue Aug 7 17:03:57 2007

Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!
Added by laser21 on Sat Aug 4 08:14:26 2007

Hi, you just have to press down and forward...so you are basically crouching. Its slow, but you dont have to care about the wind!
Added by nadav on Fri Jul 27 15:51:09 2007

Dudes, I'm desparate for help, in the second snow level i can't get past the wind, and when i do by pressing down forward i still get stuck, how do i pass this level? please help
Added by Haroon on Tue Jul 24 10:03:38 2007

Prehistorik 2 is the best game of all time! Thank u dude!
Added by BITCH on Tue Jul 24 08:38:12 2007

Added by id on Wed Jul 18 14:59:43 2007

great site , thanks
Added by kajastancos on Tue Jul 17 19:13:28 2007


here are all the backgrounds:


Added by bfishy on Mon Jul 2 21:15:33 2007

Been looking all over for a site like this :D
Added by say on Mon May 28 00:45:58 2007

can anyone score 100% in level 5?? there are something on the very top of the map but i cant reach them
Added by ivaczi on Sun May 13 05:30:06 2007

Hi My Name Is ivaxxu.

Added by wdrz pncw on Sat May 12 10:34:16 2007

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Added by asd on Wed May 9 12:37:12 2007

Added by asd on Wed May 9 12:37:10 2007

Added by neph on Tue May 8 11:55:43 2007

Hi guys, does anybody know how I can get the hang-glider in the fourt level? I know I managed it when I was 10, but cannot find it out now!
Added by kis on Fri Apr 27 11:50:58 2007

And you could lay out on this site level editor for preshitoric 2
Beforehand thank.
Added by gurkjis on Tue Apr 10 09:38:23 2007

Yes, I love too this game. How about Flash remake using ripped resources from original game? humm..
Added by Uday on Mon Apr 9 16:01:26 2007

i have been playing pre2 for several years but can't proceed much without cheating software. I used GAME WIZARD which is no longer available. now i can go to the last level and complete it. anyone can tell me where game wizard is available?
Added by cyborgjeff on Mon Apr 2 10:35:13 2007

i love Titus, i love preshitorick 2.
so here is an old chip remix of Preshitorick 1 theme


more cyborgjeff tunes on http://www.cyborgjeff.com
Added by sylvainulg on Tue Mar 20 10:28:05 2007

Wonderful. There's nothing more i could say. All the fantastic stuff i've been lurking for sooo long ... The golden era when i played Prehisto2 the whole holydays, praying for the game not to bug at level 3 ...

And the original "Boula" song from the shareware demo ^_^

Added by easy on Sun Mar 18 17:22:46 2007

>trouble with the sound at PC.
Download DOS-box, and run game in its window.
Added by I_shot on Sun Mar 18 00:08:40 2007

great site man.You're number one.I've searched so many site but i couldn't find a trainer.Althoguh i've been playing so long i couldn't finish the game.I hope i'll see it with your trainer..I have a question;I'm having trouble with the sound at PC.how can i fix this problem?I'm very unhappy about that...
Added by easy on Sun Mar 11 15:19:32 2007

Great site! Great job!
I think, this game must be immortal. 8)
How about level editor for Pre2?
Added by Your name too on Wed Mar 7 11:49:24 2007

Or you could simply finish the game :)
Added by Your name on Sun Mar 4 22:15:08 2007

You have to press leftCTRL leftALT E (in azerty keyboard) during the game. Exactly when a game over is occuring...
Added by Ale on Fri Mar 2 20:04:58 2007

Hi Eric..Could you tell us how to find out the hidden foto?
Added by Eric ZMIRO on Wed Feb 28 23:06:40 2007

Hi !
Very nice job guys, but sommething is missing : The hidden photo in 640x480x16colors !!!

Added by Frenkel on Tue Feb 20 21:13:49 2007

I've put a Prehistorik 2 Sprite dumper on my site at www.sfprod.tk.
Added by wendy on Mon Feb 19 11:30:50 2007

Thank you so much DooNookim for that video! The only thing I was still missing was at the very top (where there's a spider and a little green dragon) where you hit close to the spider's web. Thank you!!!
Added by on Sun Feb 18 22:54:13 2007

LOL THX!!! I have this game about 13 years
and now I can pass all levels...

This is the best game if you have nothing to do :)))
Added by DookNookim on Sat Feb 17 16:18:46 2007

I've got 100% in level 1.
Here's a video.
Added by wendy on Fri Feb 16 10:50:59 2007

I have desperately been trying to get 100% in the first level (just for fun), but I can't get it! I'm trying to find out if it is actually possible at all (I don't care about the other levels, just want to see it for 1 level). The best I can do (using your level map) is 95%, any idea what I could be missing? Thanks!
Added by Alexmjoxt on Sun Feb 11 01:20:31 2007

Hello, my name is Alex, i'm a newbie here. I really do like your resource and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!
Added by Your name on Tue Feb 6 21:25:47 2007

your game is the best. I have it for about 10 years and I still play it in 2007
Added by MC_Laudt on Mon Feb 5 23:45:24 2007

It's the best game!Thank you for music!!
Added by Procion on Sun Feb 4 03:56:53 2007

wonderful site!
Added by MAURI2 on Sat Feb 3 14:46:04 2007

Added by MAURI on Fri Feb 2 23:22:02 2007

Added by Savage on Mon Jan 29 11:15:56 2007

Thanks Me for the tip, I'll give it a try. I think I made a mistake by jumping too high - I ended up being blown to the start.
Added by hasim_malihu on Mon Jan 29 03:48:05 2007

I like this game later version and hope get a new prehistorik 2 news tank's
Added by Me on Sun Jan 28 18:45:49 2007

How do I get through the icy level where the wind starts blowing you back???????

run from begining and you will come to the end

you must not stop and at the end don't yoump to high
Added by Me on Sun Jan 28 18:41:54 2007

How do I get through the icy level where the wind starts blowing you back???????

run from begining and you will come to the end
Added by Aleem on Sat Jan 20 07:07:52 2007

Please provide me the walk through of the levels and for the 100% bonus in each level. the secret weapons and the things and lives. How to take them. The path. Please email me to aleem07s@yahoo.com
Thank you.
Added by Savage on Fri Jan 19 08:26:12 2007

Hi guys, do you have any idea how can I get through the ice level when the wind starts blowing? I never got past this one :(.
Added by oleg on Thu Dec 28 07:52:42 2006

hi guys! how do you get to the top left corner in level five (the red woods)? i've tried doing it with the deltaplane, but it wouldn't reach the platforms :(
Added by XXL on Sat Dec 23 19:08:50 2006

Thanks man!! 13 years later i can finish the levels at 100% :)
Added by Xardas06 on Sun Nov 26 21:45:50 2006


---------->WHOEVER DID THIS --->


soon im gonna post a music of pre2
with remastered sound

thanks again !!!!!!!
Added by roxi on Mon Nov 20 11:15:43 2006

please send me this game.i have the game but dosen't work correctly.thanks
Added by Lavender on Sun Nov 19 08:43:39 2006

i don't know how to download the game and what the name of the game is. please send e-mail and tell me.
Added by RocketGuy on Sat Oct 21 20:18:25 2006

good site, played this game as a kid, good to see its still alive :)
Added by My name on Sat Oct 7 14:21:28 2006

Your name, you are an idiot.
The passwords vary with each machine the game is runned on. So if you redownload the game or something on another computer, your old passwords wont work as the level passwords will be different."
Added by Very good site on PRE'2 on Thu Oct 5 14:43:30 2006

Those games are still great.
Can u give advice?
These are which I like in oldies:
- Dungeon Keeper
- Avish : Search For Exit
- Fury of the Furries
- Prince of Persia Classics
Added by Your name on Thu Oct 5 10:06:16 2006

The passwords are

Beginner Expert
6A20 4660
1AC7 F706
CB65 22A0
A7A5 D346
7C04 83E5
5844 3484
08E3 6025
B981 10C4
Added by Miguel on Thu Oct 5 09:53:29 2006

This game Prehistorik 2 has some fairls
on levels. At last level the game has a error thatīs stop
Added by Neclea on Tue Oct 3 16:24:20 2006

This site contains EVERITHING about Preistorik 2... You're Incredible
Added by Your name on Tue Sep 19 06:38:33 2006

Added by ale on Fri Aug 25 20:48:32 2006

passcode for lvl9 in expert mode ->0013 Hi !!
Added by tafkan on Tue Aug 15 08:22:19 2006

whats the passcode for lvl 9 in expert mode in like dead-code-food-00??
Added by blackraptor on Thu Aug 10 01:44:34 2006

awesome site. been looking for the level maps for some time now, thanks!

whoever asked the password related question: the passwords vary with each game version. so if you redownload the game or something, your old passwords wont work as the level passwords will be different.
Added by Monica Rgnonti on Wed Aug 9 17:44:29 2006

How do I get through the icy level where the wind starts blowing you back???????
Added by on Tue Jul 4 10:31:14 2006

I recall that the passwords differ for some reason. That is, I had a list with passwords, but they didn't work anymore when I downloaded Pre2 again recently.
Added by on Mon Jul 3 14:16:06 2006

Could you give me passwords, please.
I can't pass this game after 4th level!
Added by ale on Sun Jul 2 20:11:43 2006

thank you very much for the maps of the levels..You did a very great yob!!
I noticed that all the sprites are missing in level D and G..
You could insert a pass code generator in your trainer..
I think it would be very useful..

Added by Your name on Sun Jun 25 21:08:44 2006

Prehistorik II and Superfrog are the best platform games ever! Thanks for this site, It's really great. How did you made all that maps?
Added by FS on Thu Jun 22 22:03:25 2006

Am I the first one who puts something in this guest book?
Prehistorik 2 is much more fun than Titus the Fox.

This trainer provides you with invincibility and infinite lives.

Here are all released versions:
Version 1.0.1 Godmode didn't work on bosses, now it does
Version 1.0 First release

A cheat

To enter any level without knowing the correct level code, enter the following 4 codes:
where XXXX is the level you want to enter; 0001 for level 1, 0008 for level 8 etc.
Note that the codes contain the number 0, not the character O.
The levels in expert mode have a different number, you must add 000A (hexadecimal) to it:
for example, 0005 is level 5 in beginner mode while 000F is level 5 in expert mode; expert level 6 would be 0010.
The game's music, in playable format


All the sprites

Here is a zip containing all sprites used in the game.

Maps of all the levels

Click on a map to view a large version.
The maps contain 3 things: the tile background, enemy/object sprites, and gates (shown as dotted lines, boxes and crosses).
To make the sprites stand out, the tile background has been darkened; if you absolutely must have normal-brightness maps, you can get them here.
These maps don't include the boss sprites yet, I'll add them when I find their location in the level files.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D

Level E

Level F

Level G