Here you can download the programs I made for Moktar/Titus the Fox.

Moktar the Fox 2.0.2: level viewer, level editor, trainer, code viewer, ingame bug fixer; your basic TTF/Moktar survival kit.

All versions:
Moktar the Fox 2.0.2: More small fixes and a new recognised Moktar version.
Moktar the Fox 2.0.1: Some small fixes, mostly a copy/paste bug.
Moktar the Fox 2.0: Added level editor; lots of other things are improved.
Moktar the Fox 1.99: Added level viewer and changed name; finally it also supports Moktar.
Titus the Fox trainer 1.1: Improved trainer and added code generator. Still doesn't work on Moktar.
Titus the Fox trainer 1.0: First release; just a trainer that doesn't even work on Moktar.

For Prehistorik 2 stuff, see my Prehistorik 2 site.