Titus the Fox and Moktar levels

These levels can be played using MTF 2.0.2, which you can get from the download page.
See the MTF DOCS page for an example on how to actually load and play them.

A little explanation on the "Preferred level" column: these level files are in a format that doesn't store all properties
of a level; most notably, the level music and one of the colors depend on the level number, while level 11
even requires the player to hold the cage containing Foxy/Zoubida for the level exit to work. For this reason,
it is recommended to select the mentioned level number in the level viewer before loading and playing a level.

NamePreferred levelAddedAuthorSizeDownloadLevel map (click here to hide)
newnetz4 4: Going underground Wed Jan 10 23:02:06 2007 netz 256*36 NEWNETZ4.LVL newnetz4
nvl1001 10: Desert experience Wed Dec 6 15:33:40 2006 Juanjo 256*115 NVL1001.LVL nvl1001
nvl1201 12: A beacon of hope Sat Nov 11 12:11:32 2006 Juanjo 256*68 NVL1201.LVL nvl1201
nvl0501 5: Flaming catacombes Fri Nov 10 21:14:23 2006 Juanjo 256*12 NVL0501.LVL nvl0501
lolly 3: Attention travaux Mon Apr 17 14:52:28 2006 Carlo 256*67 LOLLY.LVL lolly
nvl0801 8: On the road to Marrakesh Tue Jan 31 00:00:16 2006 Juanjo 256*151 NVL0801.LVL nvl0801
nvl0901 9: Home of the pharaohs Mon Jan 9 11:23:07 2006 Juanjo 256*37 NVL0901.LVL nvl0901
nvl0701 7: Foxy's den Fri Jan 6 18:14:42 2006 Juanjo 256*64 NVL0701.LVL nvl0701
nvl0101 1: On the Foxy trail Fri Jan 6 14:13:20 2006 Juanjo 256*29 NVL0101.LVL nvl0101
Just a sample 11: Walls of sand Thu Jan 5 19:02:07 2006 Florent Moreau 256*37 DEMO.LVL Just a sample

If you made a level with the editor, you can add it to the table using this form:

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