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June 22nd, 2007 | CSS, Web by th

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a style-sheet language used to style documents written in a markup language, such as HTML and XHTML. Web developers both love and hate CSS - It is unarguably a wonderful and easy language to present XML documents (Like web-pages), but the most common grief for the developers using CSS is the compatibility problems between the browsers. However, skilled designers can do amazing things with CSS, and here is a little showdown of ten good websites to look for inspiration if you run out of design ideas.



A well known site, includes some stunning examples what can be done with CSS. The idea of CSS Zen garden is to give designers same html site, and the designers job is to create CSS for it. CSS Zengarden is something every CSS designer should know, if you were not aware of CSS Zengarden, go check it out. They list some incredibly cool designs. Hundreds of them!



CSSDump offers easy to browse index for some very beautiful sites.





CSS Beauty not only offers a comprehensive gallery of cool CSS sites, but a lot of design news, tutorials, tips, design jobs, forum, and a lots of more.



CSS Flavor is another website specialized for listing nicely designed websites using CSS. Clean, easy to browse index with no unobtrusive ads.



CSS Showcase offers showcase of cool CSS navigation menus and techniques. Highly recommended for designers!



CSS Galaxy also offers nicely clean index of cool sites. The site is in French, but it’s easy to navigate. Just hit the << >> buttons to browse the directory.



Nice site with CSS showcase gallery, and huge library of useful resources for CSS designers. Recommended!



Stylegala.com is a nice design web-publication with useful resources, featured articles, forum and of course, css gallery. Recommended!



If the sites above are not enough, then zeniltuo.com is the site to visit. They list over 250 design related showcase sites, from CSS to Flash sites. Overload your mind!

If you want to build a website, it’s probably best to learn a few computer languages first. Your internet speed doesn’t really matter, as you can update your site on your own time. Once you learn CSS or Java, you’ll be able to build cool tools for your site like a loan calculator or countdown clock.

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4 Responses to “CSS showcase: ten cool websites”

  1. Rafael |

    Where is webcreme.com? IMHO it should be stand there. And the biggest - cssmania - isn’t there, too.

  2. Mikael |


  3. Michael |

    I also just launched my own showcase: http://www.fuvz.com

  4. admar2010 |

    Where is webcreme.com? IMHO it should be stand there. And the biggest - cssmania - isn’t there, too.

    usta sagol cok guzel olmus ama sana bunu ingilizce anlatmam
    cok zor.thanks ….sorry my english is not good


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